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Umbrella Company Northern Ireland

Umbrella Companies NI

We are a company that self-employed contractors can join instead of starting their own limited company. After you join an umbrella company you become one of their employees. They will act as a middle person between workers and recruitment agencies or their clients.

At Corruda we help companies, employers and business owners alike to manage administrative paperwork and payroll. We pay workers through PAYE and will deduct costs, including taxes, National Insurance and pension payments.

Joining a company like Corruda comes with many benefits for contractors as we will take charge of your payroll while you focus on the management of your business. Try our liability calculator, we offer endless support, so request your call back today to see how we can help you.

The Umbrella Company Northern Ireland Can Rely On

Stay Within the IR35 Legislation

HMRC’s new IR35 legislation came into effect in April 2021. This is used to prevent contractors and businesses who are avoiding paying the correct tax by working as ‘disguised employees’ or on a self-employed basis to hide their true employment status.

When you join, you no longer have to worry about being in or outside of the IR35 legislation. Contractors who join umbrella companies will have their PAYE tax and National Insurance deducted from their salaries, as if they were an employee at a limited company.

Less Paperwork – Tax Sorted – Take Home Pay

Administration and endless paperwork can be daunting for small businesses and employees, especially when you are focusing on running a business and dealing with clients.

Umbrella companies and their team members want to make managing your firm as easy as possible. Their team members will help to take away the burden of dealing with HMRC, chasing clients or completing important paperwork on time while meeting the correct requirements.

Umbrella – Commitment Free

When you join an umbrella company you don’t have to sign any contracts or worry about how you will get out of them. This differs from a limited company, where you may find yourself committing to carry on working for them and trying to make your business a success, even if you are struggling daily.

With umbrella companies you have the opportunity to try different projects and go back to regular employment at the end of your working contract.

Contracting Made Easy

Umbrella company’s help to take the stress of managing a business off your shoulders and avoid the daily administrative tasks. After you submit your timesheet either weekly or monthly, you can relax while our team takes care of the rest.

We will send you text messages and emails with a breakdown of your payslip and your wages will be paid directly into your bank account. This is the perfect option for contractors who struggle to meet paperwork deadlines while balancing their work and home life.

Join Corruda Today

At Corruda we understand the importance of paying your employees right and on time. Let our team take this worry off your shoulder so you can concentrate on the daily running of your business while we focus on your payroll.

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